Sunday, September 5, 2010

Art Talk

What a week ! The art gallery talk on Victorian Visions was very well attended with many extra people from the general public. The reaction was enthusiastic with requests for many more and a rather special moment in my life, a happy coincidence ,as I was speaking the owner of the collection ( Mr Schaeffer himself) was looking over his pictures without my knowing and asked one of the attendance who I was as he had listened to my explanations of his pictures I quote ' he obviously knows what he is talking about' at the break we were Introduced a long enthusiastic conversation followed with some inside information about the next picture I will be speaking about.
This was John William Waterhouse Mariamne 1887. Great story, but what was so exciting I was able to announce at the end of my explanation not known to me or the general public until my meeting with Mr Schaeffer. On the right behind Herod in the background just poking his head into the picture is believed to be a self portrait of the artist, at the end of the exhibition the painting is to be removed from the frame so the gallery can have a look.

My latest talk at the art gallery of New South Wales will contrast British Victorian Art with French Impressionism dates and title to be announced

Also there will be a special portrait workshop Saturday 25th September.

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